Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back cover to Port of Errors

Port of Errors is now offered in paperback on So, I had to create a back cover that matched the front but also gave info on the book or story.

Monday, May 16, 2011


We have the best dog ever! He doesn't bark, he doesn't bite (well, he didn't before I started playing rough with him), he's very obedient and he doesn't do his number's in the house. He loves to love and show his affection.

This dog is an ewok! He looks just like an Ewok from "Return of the Jedi". Last Halloween me and my wife dressed up as Han and Leia. My wife dressed Duke up as an Ewok, cutting off the ears of a teddy bear we bought for the ocassion from a second hand store and sewed them onto the hood of the outfit. It was awesome! The teddy bear you ask? what came of it? well, earless and saliva ridden, it is Duke's bestest friend (besides me and my wife.)

He also looks like that flurtatious dog from "Lady and the Tramp".

When I say I play rough with him and he bites because of it, I mean to say that he nibbles (hard).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Release on what is soon to come

There are three other books that I am currently writing and editing. I will release more information the closer I get to completion. One of these books is the first in a quadrilogy and the other two are singles. The quadrilogy is a YA supernatural work of fiction and centers on a young man named Matthew who comes to find out that not only his father, but he is part of a world that touches reality only at a tangent and in that tangent lays his fate and the fate of the real world around him. Want to know more, please leave a comment or email me.

My novel is a pirate adventure of historical fiction set in late seventeenth century in the Eastern Atlantic. Davy and Joseph grew up together in an orphanage where they became best of friends. But, when the orphanage was burnt down they were separated from one another, each following a separate course in life. Davy turned to lawlessness, becoming Black-Hearted, a ruthless pirate. Joseph pursued a life in the English Royal Navy, becoming Daniel Stirvin, a courageous captain determined to rid the waters of such pirates as Black-Hearted. Finally coming together for an epic battle, they each realize the others identity. Now committed to their separate causes and backed by their men, they are unable to back down and in the end only one man will stand. This is a bitter, yet uplifting tale of two friends, as close as brothers whose lives are followed closely to the end. You will come to love each character and discover new ones, like Scurvy Shaw, a clever and underhanded pirate; Darcy Wenham, a wealthy business man; and Isabel Shaw, a woman who captures Black-Hearted's eye. With new and exciting fictional and historical locations, this is an epic journey of adventure, love, war and betrayal.
Anyone looking to read and review this book, please email me at: please email with your request a link to your blog and/pr website. I will be happy to send a free eBook copy via email once I have reviewed your site or blog. Thank you!