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The latest ereview of "Port of Errors" (5 stars)

The following is the latest review of my novel "Port of Errors" listed on She won the book in a giveaway and posted this review, giving the book a 5 star rating. I copied the entire page and pasted it to this blog. I already know that my grammar and spelling are not the greatest, but the rest of the review is outstanding. Thanks!


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Port of Errors by Steve V Cypert
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I Read's review
Oct 22, 11

5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: first-reads, history
Read from October 18 to 21, 2011

As I reserve my five star rating for only the books I find really good and am in no way a pirate fan (in fact I've avoided all Pirates of the Caribbean films because they are not my thing), you will see that this book must have been brilliant to ear it's stars.

The author has a knack that allows you to sink into the world he has created, probably helped by his knowledge of piracy and their ships. I found the glossary very helpful also for quick, easy to understand explanations of the terminologies.

The plot was really intricate and there were always things happening which I didn't see coming. Even items and events that may appear insignificant suddenly surprise you and show themselves to be an integral part. It ended well, wrapping up this story nicely, yet also leading on to the next in the serious.

The characters were all very individual which helps to keep the book fresh and interesting, also the hint of humour here are there lightens the read making it even more enjoyable. One of the things that could have so easily become boring are the battles, but due to Cypert's inventiveness with the ways people die in the book and the various forms of battle, this is never an issue.

My only criticism is that is needs proof-reading. There are too many typos and spelling mistakes to be acceptable, but this really doesn't interfere with the story. The other thing I found pulled me out of the tale was that as it was set in England, it seemed weird when there were Americanisms, because surely the characters wouldn't be thinking or talking in such a way (although obviously in the time it was set they are unlikely to be talking like a modern reader wherever they are from anyway!)

** I received this free of charge through Goodreads First-Reads **

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pigeon Point Bluffs on our road trip up the California Coast this past summer

No, these are not paintings. I do use photoshop to saturate the color and define the image a little better. However, this is the same view I had while shooting these gorgeous views. Not too far from San Simion and the Elephant Seal Rookery is this breathtaking lighthouse view. I ony wish we could have stayed for the sunset. Write a comment if you wish and ask any questions you might have. There are numbers just above each image to better indicate which image you would like to comment on. Thanks for visiting. Remember to look for "Port of Errors" in your search for a good novel to read!

same image as above only lucky to have the crane in the shot
This next location is a few miles north of Pigeon Point Bluffs

If you enjoyed these images there are more to come. The next theme I plan on posting for our trip up California's cost is the ocean views. Some of these same images may be a part of that gallery.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our trip up the California coast

My wife and I took a trip up the California coast this summer. Remember, I wrote a pirate novel so images of the sea and anything surrounding it fits perfectly. We drove to Los Angeles and from there we drove up the coast to San Francisco. That is where we ended our coastal road trip as we veered off and found our way back home to Utah by way of Yosemite National Park. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you. However, since most of the people who come to this site are people I don't really know, I am going to share the sites. I am a photographer as well as a writer. I love to shoot landscape and wildlife fine art so I took my time on most of these shots. I hope you like them. Please share any comments you might have or ask any questions. I’ll be more than happy to answer them. I have placed a number just over each image to make it easier to comment about a specific image.

I will be posting different images every day or every few days. Some of the same images may make it onto the same theme from the trip that I put together on this site. These images are not in any order. I would also be willing to sell prints since that's what I do. Thanks.

This first theme or selection of images was taken in San Simeon at the Elephant Seal Rookery. There is a boardwalk running along the beach just over these beautiful seals. However beautiful, they burp like mad. I have so many images it was difficult to choose the ones I thought would be best to share. Hope you like them!


The next theme will be my personal favorite of the trip. I just can't wait too much longer to share them. The images will be of Pigeon Point Bluffs. Most of the images will be of the lighthouse and surrounding rock, vegetation, land, seagull life and cliffs. In the future postings there will be more San Simeon sites including the Hearst Castle.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Finishing up "The Son of Nicholas Namely"

Wow! The last few pages have taken me forever! I have decided to slightly change the name of the book to "Scapemaker: The Son of Nicholas Namely" the series will, of course, be called the "Scapemaker" series. It is a YA paranormal fantacy that takes place in Utah and California - mostly. In the coming blogs I will write more about this first book. I have also outlined the second book of the series. There will be four altogether. There are changes I need to make in the meat of this first book to make sure the end of this book and the next book workout. This first novel in the series leaves the reader hanging pretty good. But there will be a lot of answers in the next book. I promise. I am on the very last paragraph right now. I just needed to take a break. Anyways, I hope you come back to read about this new series. For now - back to finishing up my book.

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Literary R&R: Review - Born of Tyranny:Port of Errors by Steve V...

Literary R&R reviewed Port of Errors. The review is posted at the link below and on Sonn Goodreads will also have the review listed. This is a great review. I'm on cloud 9 with this review. Thank you Literary R&R!

If you would like a free signed copy of the book in exchange for a review, please send me a link to your blog or website and information on the blog or site complete with stats. you can send an email to me via my email: thefictioneer (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thank you.

Literary R&R: Review - Born of Tyranny:Port of Errors by Steve V...: "ISBN #: 978-1257790319 Page Count: 249 Copyright: 2011 Book Summary: (Taken from back cover) Port of Errors is the first novel in the ..."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday July 26 2011 my novel "Port of Errors" will be a fetured review. Check out the review. You can link to the site by clicking onto the flyer. This site also does give-a-ways and "Port of Errors" will be on the list of give-a-ways.

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A quick teaser from my new book "The Son of Nicholas Namely"

I don't feel there is any spoilage in this sliver of a read. But consider yourselves warned that you may know a little more than you may want to before you actually read the book. Check out this blog in the coming weeks to find a few more paragraphs from the book before its release date. Taking place at the high schools, homes and neighborhoods of several teenage students, "The Son of Nicholas Namely" is a young adult paranormal thriller that takes place in the dream-world. There are Skinwalkers, Spirits of the dead, Dreamscapers, night-terrors, Sandmen, and more. Daedree is a "Reader" in the dream-world. Though she is not the main character, she can see things and appear to those whose mind she is reading. In this particular excerpt, she is forced to read into the mind of Hunter Savage - a deadly night-terror, who has been the cause of much worry.

...Before too long, Daedree had found him. She quickly hid herself behind a beat up old couch, where a tiny mouse ran across the floor in front of her. She covered her mouth before she could let out a scream. Hunter was in a very dark place, both physically and mentally. Daedree peaked over the couch and could see details within the room that she hoped might be of help to the agents. She then noticed a filthy window that was too difficult to see through. Hunter was in a darker corner of the room, wallowing in his own disgust.

Escaping the scene, Daedree came-too in Mr. Xonder’s room, afraid to go on with the read. “It feels so empty and alone,” she explained, “I don’t know if I can go back.” Holding an emotional tear, she took a deep breath and continued, “There’s not one good thought in that place. There’s nothing but waste and want; I can feel his selfish craving and an abyss of secrets I hope to never know.”

This story is filled with suspense, romance, tragedy and many twists and turns. "The Son of Nicholas Namely" will be followed by three more novels in the "Nicholas Namely" series. The book is complete, but still evolving in the edit stage. For more information, please email me at:

Anyone wishing to read this 90,000 word novel for review please send your blog, website, or You Tube link and stats. I will be happy to send a copy in paperback, gifted through Amazon or as a coupon through Smashwords.

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The poem that sparked "Port of Errors" the novel

The following Poem is what I wrote on one particular night in February 2002. I was bored and thought I would write a poem that would tell a story. I always loved those types of songs and poems. I sat down at my computer and just began to write. The names just came to me as I wrote and the story just unfolded as I wrote. I edited very little of it for grammar and to tell the story in a timeline that would work best. But other than that this poem wrote itself. I thought it was a pretty amazing story and I had no clue that the ruler of England at the time this story seemed to take place was a queen who ruled without a king at her side. So, it seemed to me that this story was something that was meant to be. I began writing the novel that same month and completed it within three months. Over the course of the next 9 years I edited and researched and continued in this cycle until it was complete. I did put it off during that time for months at a time, becoming tired of the constant changes and errors. The name "Port of Errors" as an infamous island did not come to me until I was half way through the book. "Port of Errors" seemed like a good pirate name and so I decided to base much of the story on that island or around it. It was then that I decided to name the book after the island and "Port of Errors" was as the title was born. In coming up with the series name, me and my wife brainstormed. I loved the word "Tyranny" as it feels so treacherous and pirate-esque. It took a few weeks to settle on the name "Born of Tyranny" but that is exactly how these men turned to piracy in my novel. Terrible events and tyrannical characters kind of shape and form the personalities within the story until they evolve into the characters they are. I LOVE this story and hope you will enjoy the poem...

“Black-Hearted and Captain Stirvin”

He’s Black-Hearted tyranny
Over the eerie seas
Ruling the waters in vile ways
He loves the life he leads
This Black-Hearted captain
Would lead his crew to gold
And never leave these waters
He’s much too powerful
He pleasures in his piracy
And plunders every shore
He’s a bearded one-eyed sailor
Who rules his vessel…“Whore!
Baring a three-foot machete
Sharp as a razors edge
Only skull and crossbones
Be his one true pledge

“Captain Daniel Stirvin”
A mighty man is he
Every sailor swears he is
The bravest man on the sea
Standing a whole foot taller
Than any man alive
He flaunts his deadly pistol 
Just daring men to try
His eyes will pierce a king’s own heart
And they will tell his tale
His burnt skin and callused hands
Prove him prince o’er sail

“Black-Hearted” the pirate
Would face Stirvin’s sail
Just to put a blade thru him
And take and drink his ale

“Daniel Stirvin” the captain
Over the queen’s own fleet
Has vowed to rid these waters
Of this pirate o’er the sea

But “Daniel Garrett Stirvin”
Be his adopted name
And the pirate they call “Black-Hearted”
Was an orphan just the same
They be very best of friends
Unbeknownst to them, this day
And they haven’t seen each other’s face
Since they were taken away
While growing up they took an oath
Before parting ways
They swore to one another
They’d meet again some day
And when that day would come for them
How joyful they would be
Friends unto the end of life
Like brothers, like family

And as fate would have it
They both be captain now
And on the far horizon
Be seen, by each, a bow
Fire roared inside each man
Tempers flared so hot
And racing toward each other
Their men so bravely fought
And when they finally met again
A tear came to their eyes
And in that very second
Each captain felt to die
Choked up on their memories
Their love would always stand
But each knew the others fate
Be in the others hand

Black-Hearted felt so empty
He could not choose a route
Seconds seemed like eternity
But there really was no doubt

Captain Daniel Stirvin
Deeply valued their past too
But now they both be captain
… He knew what he must do

They stood their ground a moment
And held their tears amiss
They walked up to each other

And shared a hug and kiss

Each captain, then, stepped apart

Swallowed and took a breath

And in that very moment
It ended… with a death!
Steve V Cypert
February 18, 2002
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Back cover to Port of Errors

Port of Errors is now offered in paperback on So, I had to create a back cover that matched the front but also gave info on the book or story.

Monday, May 16, 2011


We have the best dog ever! He doesn't bark, he doesn't bite (well, he didn't before I started playing rough with him), he's very obedient and he doesn't do his number's in the house. He loves to love and show his affection.

This dog is an ewok! He looks just like an Ewok from "Return of the Jedi". Last Halloween me and my wife dressed up as Han and Leia. My wife dressed Duke up as an Ewok, cutting off the ears of a teddy bear we bought for the ocassion from a second hand store and sewed them onto the hood of the outfit. It was awesome! The teddy bear you ask? what came of it? well, earless and saliva ridden, it is Duke's bestest friend (besides me and my wife.)

He also looks like that flurtatious dog from "Lady and the Tramp".

When I say I play rough with him and he bites because of it, I mean to say that he nibbles (hard).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Release on what is soon to come

There are three other books that I am currently writing and editing. I will release more information the closer I get to completion. One of these books is the first in a quadrilogy and the other two are singles. The quadrilogy is a YA supernatural work of fiction and centers on a young man named Matthew who comes to find out that not only his father, but he is part of a world that touches reality only at a tangent and in that tangent lays his fate and the fate of the real world around him. Want to know more, please leave a comment or email me.

My novel is a pirate adventure of historical fiction set in late seventeenth century in the Eastern Atlantic. Davy and Joseph grew up together in an orphanage where they became best of friends. But, when the orphanage was burnt down they were separated from one another, each following a separate course in life. Davy turned to lawlessness, becoming Black-Hearted, a ruthless pirate. Joseph pursued a life in the English Royal Navy, becoming Daniel Stirvin, a courageous captain determined to rid the waters of such pirates as Black-Hearted. Finally coming together for an epic battle, they each realize the others identity. Now committed to their separate causes and backed by their men, they are unable to back down and in the end only one man will stand. This is a bitter, yet uplifting tale of two friends, as close as brothers whose lives are followed closely to the end. You will come to love each character and discover new ones, like Scurvy Shaw, a clever and underhanded pirate; Darcy Wenham, a wealthy business man; and Isabel Shaw, a woman who captures Black-Hearted's eye. With new and exciting fictional and historical locations, this is an epic journey of adventure, love, war and betrayal.
Anyone looking to read and review this book, please email me at: please email with your request a link to your blog and/pr website. I will be happy to send a free eBook copy via email once I have reviewed your site or blog. Thank you!