Saturday, October 22, 2011

The latest ereview of "Port of Errors" (5 stars)

The following is the latest review of my novel "Port of Errors" listed on She won the book in a giveaway and posted this review, giving the book a 5 star rating. I copied the entire page and pasted it to this blog. I already know that my grammar and spelling are not the greatest, but the rest of the review is outstanding. Thanks!


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Port of Errors by Steve V Cypert
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Oct 22, 11

5 of 5 stars
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Read from October 18 to 21, 2011

As I reserve my five star rating for only the books I find really good and am in no way a pirate fan (in fact I've avoided all Pirates of the Caribbean films because they are not my thing), you will see that this book must have been brilliant to ear it's stars.

The author has a knack that allows you to sink into the world he has created, probably helped by his knowledge of piracy and their ships. I found the glossary very helpful also for quick, easy to understand explanations of the terminologies.

The plot was really intricate and there were always things happening which I didn't see coming. Even items and events that may appear insignificant suddenly surprise you and show themselves to be an integral part. It ended well, wrapping up this story nicely, yet also leading on to the next in the serious.

The characters were all very individual which helps to keep the book fresh and interesting, also the hint of humour here are there lightens the read making it even more enjoyable. One of the things that could have so easily become boring are the battles, but due to Cypert's inventiveness with the ways people die in the book and the various forms of battle, this is never an issue.

My only criticism is that is needs proof-reading. There are too many typos and spelling mistakes to be acceptable, but this really doesn't interfere with the story. The other thing I found pulled me out of the tale was that as it was set in England, it seemed weird when there were Americanisms, because surely the characters wouldn't be thinking or talking in such a way (although obviously in the time it was set they are unlikely to be talking like a modern reader wherever they are from anyway!)

** I received this free of charge through Goodreads First-Reads **