Friday, November 2, 2012

Check out my new book: "Biggle and Bee"

I wrote Biggle and Bee within the last month and a half, while my new novel was being edited. However, this time I wrote a cute 35 page children's book. I actually had this idea for about 2 years after watching some wildlife show on the Discovery channel or something. It was about how these foxes or coyotes in a certain part of the world search for goose eggs on some prairie where these geese nest. The fox/coyote has several cashes in the ground where they stash the eggs for safe keeping for the winter. I just thought, what if the fox died or was unable to get back to that egg... what happens to the egg? I also thought, what if a golfer or groundhog or something came across the egg? It was then that the idea for this new story was born. I had a window of an opportunity so I took it and wrote the story. I hope, if you actually have kids or like cute children's stories with moral value, that you enjoy the story. Because... it's from the heart.

Here's what the cover looks like:

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