Saturday, November 10, 2012

Children's e-book five-star review: BIGGLE and BEE

Biggle and Bee, my 35 page children's e-book got its first review. The review is on and can be accessed by clicking on the title of the e-book just below. Please enjoy this short but to the point review. The book can be downloaded for free if you use the couplon code: DA94V

Review by Margaret (Literary Chanteuse) - click onto this link to view more review by Margaret.

Biggle and Bee on Nov. 10, 2012
An extremely adventurous story about a groundhog and a gosling that will have you glued to each page. Just when you think the adventure is coming to an end the courageous duo find themselves in yet another dangerous predicament and manage to come through with learning a few lessons along the way. My daughter age 7 who I refer to often as the kinder critic read this story to me and gives it a 5 star rating. A few challenging words for those advanced readers and a little longer than I had originally expected I give it 4 stars. Either way definitely a great story with a good moral lesson.

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