Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pigeon Point Bluffs on our road trip up the California Coast this past summer

No, these are not paintings. I do use photoshop to saturate the color and define the image a little better. However, this is the same view I had while shooting these gorgeous views. Not too far from San Simion and the Elephant Seal Rookery is this breathtaking lighthouse view. I ony wish we could have stayed for the sunset. Write a comment if you wish and ask any questions you might have. There are numbers just above each image to better indicate which image you would like to comment on. Thanks for visiting. Remember to look for "Port of Errors" in your search for a good novel to read!

same image as above only lucky to have the crane in the shot
This next location is a few miles north of Pigeon Point Bluffs

If you enjoyed these images there are more to come. The next theme I plan on posting for our trip up California's cost is the ocean views. Some of these same images may be a part of that gallery.

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